Programme Detail

Pacta sunt servanda in international arbitration

Arbitration Committee
Session / Workshop Chair(s)
Session Co-Chair Filip De Ly
Location Utrecht, Netherlands
Session Co-Chair Mr Barry Leon
Law Firm / Organisation Perley Robertson Hill & McDougall LLP
Location Ottawa, Canada
This session will consider:

- What happens when the conditions precedent to a long-term contract do not materialise? Is there a good faith obligation to attempt to make the conditions materialise?
- Revision of long term contracts (clausula, price revision, hardship) post the 2008 financial crisis.
- Are there general principles of price revision, or is it always just a question of the relevant clause?
- Boundaries between adjudication and expert determination
Speaker Olivier Caprasse
Law Firm / Organisation Hanotiau & van den Berg
Location Brussels, Belgium
Speaker Judith Gill QC
Law Firm / Organisation Allen & Overy LLP
Location London, England
Speaker Christopher Lau
Law Firm / Organisation Christopher Lau
Location Singapore
Speaker Marwan Musleh
Law Firm / Organisation RasGas, Qatar
Location Doha, Qatar
Speaker Marwan Musleh
Law Firm / Organisation RasGas Company Limited
Location Doha, Qatar
Speaker William Park
Law Firm / Organisation Boston University Law Faculty
Location Boston, USA
Speaker Maurício Almeida Prado
Law Firm / Organisation LO Baptista Advogados Associados
Location São Paulo, Brazil
Speaker Michael E Schneider
Law Firm / Organisation LALIVE
Location Geneva, Switzerland
Wednesday 09 October (09:30) - (12:30)

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