Programme Detail

Coming out at work: the position of gay and lesbian employees around the world

Discrimination and Equality Law (Lead)
Session / Workshop Chair(s)
Session Co-Chair Ramyar Moghadassi
Law Firm Moghadassi & Associates
Location London, England
Session Co-Chair Dirk Jan Rutgers
Officer Title Chair Discrimination Law Committee
Law Firm DLA Piper
Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
This session surveys the position of gay and lesbian employees around the globe. What do authorities and companies do to make sure that this group is treated with respect and dignity? The session will focus on anti-discrimination protection for gay and lesbian employees across multiple jurisdictions. While laws protecting gays and lesbians have become part of the fabric of anti-discrimination law in some countries, they are rejected as against the cultural norm in others. Even when basic protections are enacted, enforcement presents significant challenges. Some of the issues to be discussed in this session include:
- Is discrimination against gays and lesbians rooted in gender discrimination (ie, failure to conform to gender stereotypes)?
- How prevalent is discrimination against gays and lesbians in various jurisdictions?
- How have different jurisdictions approached extending anti-discrimination laws to protect gay and lesbian employees?
- What role do corporate codes of conduct play in protecting gay and lesbian employees from discrimination?
- What challenges are presented in attempting to eliminate discrimination against gays and lesbians in employment benefits (eg, spousal benefits and family leave)?
- Emerging issues in anti-discrimination law regarding transgender employees and same-sex marriage.
Speaker Boris Dittrich
Law Firm Humans Rights Watch
Location New York, USA
Speaker Paula Ettelbrick
Location Yonkers, USA
Speaker Anders Etgen Reitz
Law Firm Magnusson
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Speaker Jillian Weiss
Law Firm Ramapo College of New Jersey
Location Mahwah, USA
Lisbon, 4th Floor, Left
Wednesday 07 October (15:00) - (18:00)

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